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Nombre de Empresa The Ritz Hotel London
Tipo de negocio Corporación
Teléfono Empresarial 447035936092
Logo de la empresa
Detalles de contacto
Nombre de Contacto Joanne Meredith
Posición (Director / Supervisor / etc) HR Administrator
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Dirección de la Oficina
Dirección 150 Piccadilly
London, W1J 9BR
United Kingdom
Ciudad London
Pais United Kingdom
Sobre la Empresa
Sobre la Empresa The Ritz was opened on May 24th 1906, on the site of the Walsingham House Hotel, formerly the
Bath Hotel. Conceived by renowned hotelier César Ritz, The Ritz owes its architectural design to an
extremely successful partnership formed in 1900 between Frenchman Charles Mewès, and
Englishman Arthur Davis.
Together they had originally designed the Hotel Ritz in Paris and the Carlton Hotel in Londons
Haymarket (now replaced by New Zealand House) and between 1904 and 1905 they designed The
Ritz in London. César Ritzs innovations for the hotel were, at that time quite unique with
bathrooms for every bedroom, double glazing, a sophisticated ventilation system, walk-in wardrobes,
and brass, rather than wooden beds. With its French chateau-style architecture and all its interior
decorations and furnishings in the style of Louis XVI, the hotel was, according to César Ritz a small
house to which I am proud to see my name attached.

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